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Luxi Bia (LOO-zhee BEE-uh) means "the light that has been seen" or "the light that lives".

For us, the name represents both the particular slant of the sun that falls over this valley at the end of a long day, and the vision we have for what this special place can become. Our mission is to bring this hamlet back to life by transforming it into a hub of contemporary ruralism, where creativity, tourism and human interactions prevail. Extensive research about Sardinian vernacular architecture and our continuing work with local artisans provide the inspiration for the interiors and the landscaping.


Currently, Luxi Bia is the base for everything we do. It is our home, and where we host our resident artists. It is also a place to welcome visitors from all over the world who are curious about the area of Sulcis, who are looking for a small piece of rurality to quiet their vivacious minds, who are interested in learning about a place that has long been overlooked, but has much to offer.

Casa Corte outdoors collage.jpg
Small patio of La Residenza rental
Casa Cubo collage outdoors

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