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Casa Corte

The long, low building that houses Casa Corte was owned by three different families. For that reason, the house is built on three separate levels which, interestingly enough helps to give this two bedroom an extra feeling of privacy and intimacy. The south facing windows keep it sunny and bright; while the north-facing private courtyard is shaded in hot summer months.


Casa Corte, in fact, means "the Courtyard House"; this apartment was named for the large rear courtyard with its ancient olive trees, eating area and small herb garden. The back yard has a wide glass door connecting to the spacious living area with a wood fired stove and dining nook. The terracotta floor tiles are locally made, and the juniper beams are original to the structure.


2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Living room
Full kitchen
Dining nook
Private outdoor courtyard
Air conditioning & heating
Wood stove
Satellite wifi

*No television or pool

High Season: 
June, July, August, September

Low Season: 
October to May

Requests and Booking

Thanks for sending your request. We'll respond as soon as we can!

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