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Ivano_Kyre_Pretziada_ph Valentino Congia

ph: Valentino Congia

Pretziada is a creative practice based on the island of Sardinia that promotes the heritage of a territory through diverse projects dedicated to contemporary ruralism. By that, we mean any action that helps to shape the future trajectory of the island in healthy and inventive ways, without bowing to the needs and expectations of the outside world.

Kyre Chenven, a native Californian, and Ivano Atzori, Milanese by birth, moved to the southwest corner of Sardinia in 2016 to begin working with artisans on resuscitating local craft. Kyre worked for years as a set designer in New York, while Ivano comes from the world of graffiti and contemporary art.

Research and narration are at the heart of our practice and we work tirelessly to create opportunities for temporary residents to absorb as much as they can from the local culture. Our collection of design objects is the fruit of encounters between international creatives and local artisans. Each piece is an homage to the history and iconography of Sardinia, made with care and attention to detail.

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