Talisman Vase

by Sam Baron, Walter Usai and

Floris Campanacci

€ 720,00

Inspired by the Carnevale rituals in which masked men fight, march and generally wreak havoc, dressed in heavy loud bells to scare away demons and bad harvests, Sam Baron has created a sonorous vase. Its shape is inspired by simple, ancient Nuragic vessels, and its side is covered with the same hand-shaped bells used in these ceremonies. In collaboration with the ceramicist Walter Usai and bellmakers Floris Campanacci (both fifth generation artisans), the Talisman Vase stands in contrast to its mismatched twin, the Abundance Vase.


Tuscan terracotta, unleaded glaze, hand shaped iron and brass bells, leather cord

Width 40 cm - Depth 21 cm - Height 38 cm


While we do have a small stock available, most pieces are made to order and will be shipped within 4-5 weeks. Please contact us directly if you need a more specific estimate.

All measurements are approximate as each piece is handmade by our artisans.