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Nuragic White Tapestry

by Roberto Sironi and

Mariantonia Urru

€ 5515,00

Building on his obsession with ancient cultures and the way in which prehistoric objects shaped them, Roberto Sironi has designed two tapestries, Nuragic White and Nuragic Black, that superimpose various aerial views of migration and architectures of native Sardinian tribes. The name Nuragic comes from the nuraghe, massive stone structures found all over the island. The tapestries overlap bird’s-eye views of these structures in various scales, as well as proposing an interpretation of trade routes through the mountainous terrains.


The mixture of techniques (tall pibiones, short pibiones, simil-litzos) and materials (Sardinian wool, linen, cotton and silk) complements the juxtaposition of the various worlds. The tapestries are hand-woven, with a hand-knotted fringe, and finished with hints of hand-embroidered phrases from the mysterious Nuragic language.

The collection is produced by Mariantonia Urru from the town of Samugheo. The Urru family has dedicated themselves to recreating the entire chain of production - from producing their own yarns and warps to creating new techniques based on original weaving to hand finishing each carpet. Unlike other artisans, however, they have balanced out their dedication to traditional technique and production by simultaneously teaming up with international designers, further innovating their own productive capabilities.


Cotton warp; Sardinian wool, mercerized cotton, linen & cotton; silk embroidery; hand-applied Sardinian wool & cotton fringe

Width 110 cm - Height 178 cm

While we do have a small stock available, most pieces are made to order and will be shipped within 5-7 weeks. Please contact us directly if you need a more specific estimate.

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