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Elements Coatrack

by Valentina Cameranesi and

Fratelli Argiolas

€ 2655,00

Valentina’s work tends to access some part of the unconscious, a side of herself and humanity that surfaces only indirectly. With Elements, she was guided by the rural, pastoral aspect of Sardinia in which the hand of the farmer and the shepherd have shaped the landscape so thoroughly as to seem an inextricable part of it. The object itself - the coatrack made of iron tubes - is simple and utilitarian; however, the added elements go beyond decoration. A rock, a sphere, a wave that imitates a cactus, dulled spines, a shell, a rustic ladder: all natural extrusions that seem to grow out of the structure itself. The custom finish is inspired by the colors of the pink salt flats of Sant'Antioco.


Hand-welded, hand-painted iron

Height 175 cm - Diameter 65 cm


While we do have a small stock available, most pieces are made to order and will be shipped within 6-8 weeks. Please contact us directly if you need a more specific estimate.

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