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Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi is the pragmatic visionary of Italian design. His lucidity is matched by a weighty sense of humor; he watches humanity amusedly from afar. As such, he is the consummate teacher, attentive and ready to learn from us, his students and subjects.

In October 2020, Pretziada released IMMORTALE, a collaboration with Andrea Branzi and Fratelli Argiolas, a family-run blacksmithing workshop from the island’s capital city of Cagliari.

The resulting collection is an assortment of fifteen unique sculptures: precious, meticulously hand-crafted black metal boxes representing an unknown destination, and the vitality and silence that dwell within it.
A collaboration with Branzi brings with it immense responsibilities. Branzi speaks to humankind, to everyone indiscriminately. His concepts, his narrative, his love for Archaic-Futurism all encompass the whole of humanity. 

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