Circle Vase

by Walter Usai

€ 162,00 / € 224,00

The Circle Vase is a typical vase made by artisan Walter Usai, who is a fourth generation potter from the town of Assemini. This vase recalls the original Roman canteens, soldiers would slip their arms through the center hole and wear it resting on their shoulder. Filled with water or wine, the canteen would then be stopped with a cork. Usai has added his signature decorations of leaves and roses - traditional elements of Sardinian design.


Terracotta with unleaded glaze

Diameter 20 cm: Height 30 cm - Depth 7 cm
Diameter 25 cm: Height 38 cm - Depth 9 cm

Most pieces are made to order. All measurements are approximate as each vase is handmade by our artisans.