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Ceremony Fireplace Set

by Ambroise Maggiar and Fratelli Argiolas

€ 1035 / €1570,00

For this collaboration, Parisian designer Ambroise Maggiar was inspired by the prominence of the fireplace as the social centerpiece in every Sardinian home. Using the rough style of antique pieces as his guide, Maggiar has reinvented the essentials, wasting no space on unnecessary flourish. The set’s clean, modern lines contrast beautifully with the hand-welding and rough finish crafted by Fratelli Argiolas. Includes poker, tongs, bellows, broom, shovel, ash bucket, tool stand and two andirons.


Hand-welded iron, brass bristles on brush

Set: Max Height 54 cm - Diameter of bucket 25 cm
Andiron: Length 32 cm - Height 11 cm - Depth 8 cm

PLEASE NOTE: While we often have a small stock, there may be delays in production because of problems in the supply chain. Please contact us directly if you have a specific need as far as timing.

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