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Anfora Vase

by Maria Paola Piras

€ 925 / €1520

Maria Paola studies ancient forms of vessels found throughout the island and then reinterprets them - choosing a specific mix of clays for each form.


Each shape is painstakingly created by hand using the coil technique and then baked in a wood-fired clay oven. Rather than using glazes, she either stone polishes her pieces (creating a mystical, almost metallic finish) or treats them with a series of waxes.

The Anfora Vases are inspired by the shapes of classic Sardinian water urns from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.


Wood-fired mixed clay with beeswax finish

Med W 31 cm - D 30 cm - H 32,5 cm

Large W 45 cm - D 42,5 cm - H 43 cm

While we do have a small stock available, most pieces are made to order and will be shipped within 8-10 weeks. Please contact us directly if you need a more specific estimate.

All measurements are approximate as each vase is handmade by our artisans.

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