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Marria Vase

in collaboration with Valentina Cameranesi and Walter Usai
€ 395,00

With "Sisters," designer Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi, working with artisan Walter Usai, plays with the traditional, elaborate nuptial vase gifted to young brides on the island. Inspired by the sensual shapes of Usai’s urns and the presence of flirtatious decoration in Sardinian ceramics, Cameranesi Sgroi has created a duo - Marria (slender) and Tunda (shapely). Here the original shapes are both exalted and transformed, combining femininity and playfulness with a modern and mechanical touch.

<br><b>Available for immediate delivery.</b>

Terracotta with unleaded glaze

Diameter 30cm - Height 35cm

All measurements are approximate as each vase is lovingly handmade by our artisans.
Size guide
Midnight Blue
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