Settiu Vessel

Settiu Vessel

Having learned the practice of experimental archeology from her father, artisan Karmine Piras, Maria Paola is well-versed in techniques that come from the prehistoric Nuragic times. She has transformed this knowledge into a fledgling practice that marries her passion for research to her exceptional manual capabilities.

Maria Paola studies, in fact, ancient forms of vessels found throughout the island and then reinterprets them - choosing a specific mix of clays for each form. 


Each shape is painstakingly created by hand using the coil technique and then baked in a wood-fired clay oven. Rather than using glazes, she either stone polishes her pieces (creating a mystical, almost metallic finish) or treats them with a series of waxes. The unique patina of each object is both ancient and otherworldly.

  • Materials and Dimensions

    Wood-fired mixed clay, stone-polished with beeswax finish

    Width 40 cm - Depth 38 cm - Height 18 cm