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Langiu Vase

by Sam Baron and Walter Usai

€ 260,00

Following on a series of vases made with Mexican artisans, Sam Baron continues his exploration into what makes an object belong to a certain territory. Langiu (tall) Vase is a verson of the humble terracotta water jug found throughout the world, throughout time. With only simple suggestion on form and construction, Baron asks artisans from various parts of the world to create these jugs in their own style. The differences between the resulting jugs is a dual signifier: that we all are born of the same ancestry, that our unique cultures make us richer.

*The gray glaze is made from leftover glazes from the Usai studio. It is, therefore, uncontrollable and has an original tint to it every time.


Tuscan terracotta with unleaded glaze

Width 42 cm - Depth 24 cm - Height 48 cm

Most pieces are made to order. All measurements are approximate as each vase is handmade by our artisans.

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