Knife by Pretziada Studio & Sergio Frongia

Knife by Pretziada Studio & Sergio Frongia

Every shepherd in Sardinia carries a pocketknife at all times. They use it in the countryside - for grafting trees, whittling wood into tools, hunting - and at the table. Any respectable version is handmade by a Sardinian knife maker, the best of whom are known throughout the island.


The Pretziada Knife is based on an ancient model called the “Sulcitana” after the southern region of the island. It is completely hand made by local artisan Sergio Frongia. The handle is made of aged reclaimed wood, locally sourced - the roots from old olive groves, juniper from broken beams of old ruins, blocks of myrtle or wild pear. The blade is hand-forged, the handle is cut and sanded by hand, and all of the hinges are hand-shaped.

  • Care Instructions

    Handle is made of natural wood and must be washed by hand. It should not be left to soak or put in the dishwasher. The wood will naturally tan and age and does not need any wax. If the blade suddenly seems looser than usual, this is because the natural wood can shrink slightly. If necessary you can cover the knife with a thick fabric and tighten the hinge by hitting with a soft hammer.

  • Dimensions and Materials

    Handle made from recalimed wood (Juniper, Olive, Myrtle, Wild Pear),  steel blade, hinges and lining in brass, black carbon paper filling.

    Chiuso: 11 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm
    Aperto: 20 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm