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The Pretziada Boot

The Pretziada Boot

A polished remake of the classic shepherd boot, this was once the only shoe worn in the south of Sardinia. Women, men and children all had one pair for the country and one for the town. With an overlap under the laces, a fold-over tongue and a sturdy Ideal construction, these boots are made to keep out rain and mud. Made entirely in Italy in small, artisan batches from vacchetta leather, they are water-resistant and long lasting.

*The smooth sole is an original feature - handy both for easy cleaning and for remaining incognito - but may slip on certain wet surfaces.

  • Dimensions and Materials

    Vacchetta leather, calf-skin lining, 100% rubber soles, leather laces

  • Size Guide

    The Pretziada Boot has a snug fit that is very true to size. If your feet are quite narrow, quite wide or in between sizes, choose accordingly. Remember the difference a good, thick sock can make.

€ 435,00Prix
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