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Fùrca Bookshelf

Fùrca Bookshelf

In a time when the Sardinian countryside is quieting down into soft rains that will nurture the next year’s harvest, Pretziada had the pleasure of hosting an extended residency with the newly formed Mimo Studio. Over three months, Raphaelle Lhuillier and Margaux Padrutt studied the fluctuating rhythms of the countryside and the stark beauty of the landscape. The result is the collection Fùrca, three pieces that refer directly to their lived experience on the island.


Inspired both by the natural extrusions of stone monoliths found throughout the forest and the geometric forms found in historic agricultural tools, Fùrca is a collection that plays with a visual language that combines both the rudimentary and the refined. The shapes that make up these objects are a contrast in natural and human-made shapes; they refer to spontaneous forms we find both in nature and vernacular objects but also to the resolute architecture of rural places.


The finish, a repetition of a slightly green and black stain, creates a variegated and smooth materiality.


The two long, extruding edges of this hanging bookshelf recall both the heavy stone of prehistoric sculptures and the agricultural tool from which this collection takes its name. It is indirectly inspired by su piccastrexu, a hanging shelf used in rural kitchens for plates and cooking tools. In reference to the historic iconography of Sardinia, the piece has a strong geometry that goes beyond the functional. This decoration transcends a simple symbolism, referring simultaneously to the nature of the countryside, its inhabitants and the instruments that accompany them.

  • Materials and Dimensions

    Hand carved chestnut wood, stained.

    H 100 cm x D 30 x W 95 cm

€ 2.250,00Prix
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