Anulare Vase by Pretziada Studio & Walter Usai

Anulare Vase by Pretziada Studio & Walter Usai

The artisan Walter Usai is a fifth-generation potter from the town of Assemini, in other words his family has been making water urns for the entire duration of their oral history. This collection was made as study in form of the classic water containers (jugs & canteens) for different uses. The challenge was to work with Walter’s father, Elvio, on paring down the forms to their absolute essence. These are forms that Elvio has been making since he began working in the family workshop as a child - first for utility and now for decoration. Abba Est Vira (Water Is Life) is representative of a world in transformation.


The Anulare takes its shape of the classic circular vase that Roman soldiers would wear around their shoulder while marching.

  • Dimensions and Materials

    Tuscan terracotta with unleaded glaze

    Height 31 cm, Width 25 cm, Depth 14 cm

    All measurements are approximate as each vase is lovingly handmade by our artisans.