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Abundance Vase

in collaboration with Sam Baron and Walter Usai

€ 360,00

Inspired by the lush and overgrown Sardinian countryside, which often clashes strikingly with the abandoned and unfinished architecture, Sam Baron has created an unusual vessel using Sardinian decorations and techniques. At first glance, the decoration seems to be decaying or chipped but, looking further, one notes new decorations sprouting up in unexpected ways and places. In collaboration with the ceramicist Walter Usai (a fifth generation artisan), the Abundance Vase stands in contrast to its mismatched twin, the Talisman Vase.


Tuscan terracotta with unleaded glaze

Height 26 cm - Diameter 25 cm

Most pieces are made to order. All measurements are approximate as each vase is handmade by our artisans.

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