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Medusa Vase

in collaboration with Chiara Andreatti and Walter Usai
€ 520,00
In Sardinian lore, Medusa was a native princess, known for her skill in battle and her sharp mind. The legend borrows from Greek lore with Medusa losing the battle to Perseus and then escaping to a hidden castle in the mountains below Samugheo. With the Medusa Vase, Chiara Andreatti makes use of Walter Usai's mastery of form, and incorporates two long snake-like braids into her proud form. The braids are a typical technique from the town of Assemini, in which long tubes of clay are carved and then twisted to make decorative handles.
Tuscan terracotta, unleaded glaze

Width 40cm - Depth 26cm - Height 44cm

All measurements are approximate as each vase is lovingly handmade by our artisans.
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