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Bucolic Appointment Prints

in collaboration with P.A.M. (Perks and Mini)
€ 1.220,00

Bucolic Appointment is a multimedia exploration of travel, culture and humanity by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach of P.A.M. (Perks and Mini). While visiting the island with their two children, they recorded the voices, sounds and natural phenomena they encountered, eventually mixing these sounds into a 30 minute aural experience with the assistance of music producer Rohan Bell-Towers. The soundtrack is presented alongside two original collages, "Comfort of Compatibility" & "Is Canis, Is Cosas, Is Zinzus, Is Pinnas", made from photographs taken during the trip. Both of these projects combine natural elements with a strong human presence, as well as conventionally beautiful sounds and images with more mundane details. This contrast creates a profoundly honest reflection of the island, and of our place within it and the world.

Limited edition of 9 prints per design.

Pigment print on Fotospeed Metallic Paper

Width 594mm - Height 841mm
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