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The Pretziada Knife

by Pretziada Studio and Sergio Frongia
€ 280,00

Every shepherd in Sardinia carries a pocketknife at all times. They use it in the countryside and at the table. Almost always, they are handmade by a Sardinian knife maker. The Pretziada Knife is based on an ancient model called the “Sulcitana” after the southern region of the island. It is completely hand made by local artisan Sergio Frongia. The handle is made of aged Juniper wood from the beams of old Sardinian houses. The blade is hand-forged, the handle is cut and sanded by hand, and all of the hinges are hand-shaped.

Manico di ginepro antico, lama di acciaio, pernie di ottone, rivestimento di carta chimica nera.

Chiuso: 10 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm
Aperto: 18 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm

Siccome tutti i nostri oggetti sono fatti a mano dagli artigiani, tutte le misure sono approssimative.
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