Sam Baron

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The entirety of this bio could be: Sam never stops. Irrepressible, sarcastic and honest, he learned his strong work ethic as a child. While generally appreciated for his elegance and metropolitan sensibility, Sam actually comes from a tiny mountain town and helped his family run their farm and hotel for most of his young life. This personal, rural experience was fundamental to his collaborations, and generally informs his prolific portfolio. As the Director of Fabrica's Design Studio for over 10 years, he was able to combine his vast knowledge with his love for learning, exploring and creating as a team.

1. Define originality.

Originality is the capacity to surprise and to invade the mind, heart and blood of people with butterflies. In my way/work it is about associating ideas/concepts, textures/finishings and shapes/functions in a very personal and unique way to create a new piece.

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2) What do you love most about your job?

Design and/or Creative Direction are about connections between great minds, talents, producers, artisans and final users. I'm passionate about this human side of both the artistic and the pragmatic parts of the practice.

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3) What was your strongest impression of Sardinia?

Because I came in February, I loved the color palette of greens - the main reference was the greenish/greyish tone of the cactus that can be  found everywhere, from the most isolated beach to the highest mountain. Sardinia has an exquisite sense of truth from food to the craftsmen and even to its very unique language.

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By Sam Baron: Talisman Vase, Abundance Vase from the Mirror Image Collection and Langiu Vase, Cruciu Vase from the Descendent Collection, all made by Walter Usai.

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