Heart Studio


Heart Studio is a combination of the myriad talents of couple Bruno Savona and Martina Silli. Based in Santadi, Sardinia, they have worked throughout Italy and Europe creating visual identities, illustrations, screenprinted mini-masterpieces and textiles.

1. Define originality.

Bruno: I have no idea…

Martina: We don’t really work well with words. But I know it when I see it.

Bruno: I guess I don’t care much about if something is original, since part of creativity is taking what you see around you and embellishing on it. Something can be completely original and dull at the same time. Or something can be a spin-off but completely fascinating. It’s the final result that interests me.


2. What do you love about your job?

​Martina: The chance to be completely alone. The solitude I can find in my work.

Bruno: The opposite - most jobs require collaboration and I love how easy it is to create community through creativity.


3. Your favorite place in Sardinia?

Bruno: The sea cliffs at Porto Scuso…

Martina: Really??

Bruno: …I know it isn’t the most beautiful place on the island, but I grew up here. Every significant experience of my youth - every “first” - happened there. There are a thousand other coastlines in Sardinia that might be more breathtaking, wilder, but Porto Scuso is the most meaningful to me.

Martina: There are too many places I love, but if I have to name the one that means most to me it would be the mountains of Gutturu Mannu, near Pantaleo. If I had only one place to show to someone in all of Sardinia, it would be this.

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