Fifty years ago Antonio Argiolas opened a metal-working shop in Pirri, just outside of Cagliari. Today his four children proudly run the workshop, having expanded their work to include custom-made objects for both architects and designers. Oscar creates the prototypes, Giuseppe & Giorgio take care of the production and Marcella handles client relations. Working thus, together they carry on their father's legacy with precision and enthusiasm.

1. Define tradition.

Origin. Our roots. That which has brought us into existence.


2) What do you love most about your job?

Creativity and the resulting uniqueness. We don't always have the space to be creative, but when we do, both the clients and we are satisfied.


3) Your favorite place in Sardinia?

As far as a place, Ogliastra and the Iglesiente: in both areas you feel as if you've just jumped into the past. But the truth is that all of Sardinia is beautiful. Its coastlines and beaches, especially where there are long stretches of sand, the color is golden, almost like the sand of the desert.


By Fratelli Argiolas: Ceremony Fireplace Set designed by Ambroise Maggiar and Elements Coatrack designed by Valentina Cameranesi.

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