CP Basalti


While most of our artisans have passed down their knowledge through the generations, CP Basalti has a unique story. Walter Pinna's dream was to work with the local basalt stone, a material that had always been considered second-rate. His father, who owned a cement factory, dismissed his idea, saying stone was too expensive; it was a thing of the past. But Walter, inspired by the imposing nuraghes built with basalt, was not deterred. His company today is the leader in working with not only basalt but also the local Orosei marble, developing endless techniques and finishes for the two stones. And now, this knowledge has found its next generation, as his son Carlo has joined him in both the workshop and showroom.

1. Define tradition.

Tradition is a starting point. It's like a stamp of identity, a solid foundation on which to build our future identity.


2) What do you love most about your job?

The fact that something eternal and unique can be extracted from a block of stone. Our company is right on the edge between industrial and artisanal, which allows us to maintain an artistic identity on large projects and technical reliability on small ones. Our way of thinking is - we can give shape to your dreams.


3) Your favorite place in Sardinia?

Sardinia is where we were both born, but also where we have chosen to return to after years abroad. It's hard to choose one favorite place, because we love totally and sincerely the entire Sardinian continent (as we like to think of it). But if we have to answer... we would say, our favorite place in Sardinia is where the horizon meets the sea.


By CP Basalti: We Are Thinking of Coming to the Island. Also I Have to Help You Rebuild Your Fence. by P.A.M. (Perks and Mini).

As part of this project, during the winter of 2018, P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) made a soundtrack mapping their experience in Sardinia, which you can listen to here.

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