Chiara Andreatti


Chiara Andreatti is a bundle of endless energy, curiosity, inventiveness and clear vision. Her quintessential background in product design makes her capable of translating her essence into a myriad of materials and contexts. Having spent her formative years at Piero Lissoni, she has spent the past decade creating project after project that have come to define her signature taste: refined, handcrafted, feminine, resolute. Fascinated by most everything, she is happiest when in a dusty workshop.

1. Define originality.

It's the result of that human element, our particular ingenuity, that goes beyond the simple aesthetic result. I find that it often comes from the overlapping of established visual languages in a new way - taking something from a recognizable cultural identity and applying it somewhere unexpected.


2) What do you love most about your job?

At the base of every project is a new experience, a new interaction, an adventure, a true voyage, whether it is visible or not. And each of these in turn bring up new questions, put you in relation with new people and talents you didn't know existed - from small artisanal workshops to the most cutting-edge industrial laboratories. It's a continuous back and forth between these contrasting worlds that each have so much to give, that each help you develop yourself both technically and as a human. And the best sensation is that spark, that idea that comes out of nowhere and resolves the big tangle of the initial skein of thoughts you had.


3) What was your strongest impression of Sardinia?

The natural state of everything, and the feeling of abandoning myself to that earthiness, the smells and the history. How strong the ties to tradition still were and the tangible union between sacred and the profane. The Nuragic sites where you could feel the primitive, rural lifestyle of our shared ancestors. The sense of territory which was linked to the genius loci. All of this had a strong feeling of primary importance.


By Chiara Andreatti: Lia, Nannai, Inès Chairs from the Scannu Collection, made by Su Maistu de Linna.

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