Ambroise Maggiar

James Bort


Ambroise Maggiar is a French designer profoundly influenced by Italian design history. He has worked in various studios and worked on projects as wide-ranging as household appliances, treehouses and children's accessories. He now is back in hometown Paris, where he collaborates with Philippe Starck, putting to use his extensive knowledge of industrial design and eclectic personal taste. We have always loved how he combines a playful outlook with clean, classic lines.

1. Define originality.

A peculiar vision of the obvious. Challenging blatant reality.


2) What do you love most about your job?

Thinking forward.

3) What was your strongest impression of Sardinia?

How fertile the unexploited know-how from the past is and how powerful it will be for the future.

See Ceremony, the fireplace set made by Fratelli Argiolas and designed by Ambroise Maggiar in our shop.
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