About Pretziada

Pretziada is an interdisciplinary project combining the worlds of journalism, design, craftsmanship and tourism. Our mission might seem contradictory - we want to bring the world to Sardinia in order to preserve all of the particularities of this island. But we truly believe that, working with full respect for the unique local heritage and traditions we can bring change, modernity and innovation to Sardinia without losing an ounce of authenticity.


Much of our time is spent traveling the island, discovering people and places that make Sardinia what it is. We avoid specialization - when something intrigues us, we investigate. That makes Pretziada an invaluable resource of photographic and textual reference for anyone interested in the particular heritage of this island. We also contribute to select publications intrigued by Sardinia's particular history and way of life. Most of our photographs are also available as limited edition prints (please visit the Shop for details).


Our small, curated collection is composed of a combination of classic Sardinian art-crafts as well as exclusive collaborations between Sardinian artisans and international creatives. Each item is backed up by months of research and confrontation, followed by true interaction among the artists, artisans, designers and us. The collection exudes sardità (the essence of Sardinia) with a contemporary, clean aesthetic.


The island of Sardinia is as beautiful as it is difficult to decipher. We’ve created an extensive network of artisans, creative minds and experts on the island, and know the amount of work that lies behind the successful development of commissioned pieces. We're proud to offer support in every phase of custom orders of Sardinian craftsmanship, from planning and design through production and shipping.

About us

Walking down the street with Ivano can be irritating if you're in a hurry because he talks to everyone. The ultimate anti-snob, his closest friends include artists, farmers, lawyers and housewives.

As a youngster, he was a cornerstone of the graffiti writing scene in Europe, which allowed him unique access to underground cultures and idiosyncratic thinkers. His ability to engage with just about anyone is what led him to eventually connect unlikely outsiders with the powers that be. He has collaborated with Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Barry McGee and Nike, among others.

With Kyre, he has two children. As a family they are now dedicated to full-time rural living. Ivano chops wood, makes homemade mirto, works on erratic art projects and styles photo shoots with the local shepherds.

After ten years of living in various parts of Italy, Kyre has managed to weasel her way into a culture that, before, was all a passionate black and white film with lots of yelling and amazing wardrobes. At the same time, living away from her homeland has helped her sharpen her "outsider" eyes while still remaining a true California girl. Thanks to this background, she has gotten quite good at balancing out what is lacking in one culture from what is abundant in the other.

She has worked in set design, management, creative direction and hospitality in New York, San Francisco, Milan and Tuscany. Reflective, precise and an excellent communicator, everything Kyre does she does with pride, whether it be hobnobbing on Vogue fashion shoots or cleaning the chicken coop.

With Ivano, she has learned to cultivate patience.


Is Aresus 39° 6' 13'' N 8° 44' 6'' E

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