About Pretziada


Pretziada is a creative practice located in Sardinia.

We are dedicated to forging new human connections through interdisciplinary artistic action, building invisible bridges between the island and the rest of the world. We do this in deliberately messy ways, because we believe that contamination is at the root of all worthwhile enterprises.

Our collection is made up of culturally relevant pieces that celebrate the history of Sardinian craft. At times we work directly with artisans, curating specific creations. Other pieces are the fruit of short anthropological residencies that we undertake with international creatives, introducing them to the island and its culture.

We truly believe that by working in full respect of the local heritage and traditions we can bring change and prosperity to this ancient place without losing an ounce of authenticity.



Kyre Chenven, a native Californian, and Ivano Atzori, Milanese by birth, moved to the southwest corner of Sardinia four years ago to begin working with artisans on resuscitating local craft. Kyre worked for years as a set designer in New York, while Ivano comes from the world of graffiti and contemporary art.

Together they work symbiotically as cultural translators: writing and photographing the particularities of the island, reproposing new designs of classic pieces, producing original designs of international creatives and assisting the artisans' to shape their future trajectory. Research and narration are at the heart of their practice.


Is Aresus 39° 6' 13'' N 8° 44' 6'' E

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